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Everything is made of parts, and everything is a part to something else. 

Part to Whole is Brad Baxley's digital art studio focusing on research science across the globe. Its goal is to leverage CGI and VFX for a valuable purpose. That purpose is promoting and celebrating pure research.

Brad Baxley

Brad Baxley | Founder, Art Lead

Brad loves science. Brad loves art. At Part to Whole, Brad loves making science art.

Brad was trained as a studio artist. Then he studied architecture, receiving his B.A. from Clemson University and M.Arch. from the University of Pennsylvania. When Brad moved to Boulder, CO he worked as the in-house 3D modeling and visualization specialist at JILA, a multidisciplinary joint institute of CU and NIST. While there, the idea that pure research is a very important cornerstone in a healthy society began to take root. Upon leaving JILA, he began pursuing a number of personal ventures. One of these is Part to Whole.